Memory operations per second. The included lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 65 WH While the screen cover seems to resist flexing under strong finger pressure, the small bit of flex is transmitted into the LCD causing some mild distortion. The reproduced sound is sufficient, despite the small size, just like the device’s maximum volume. Considering there was already little on offer to differentiate the U from the competition and it’s quite expensive to boot, we feel there are better alternatives. However, we could hear a hard disk clicking now and again. A permanently running fan and high temperatures don’t at all fit together.

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These little flaws can simply be avoided with a stereo system, active boxes or good headphones, as aforementioned.

MSI Wind UUS Specs – CNET

All netbook users just simply have to accept this fact, or buy a notebook with more performance right away. This difference isn’t usually visible during traphics – that is unless you often work on pure white backgrounds. But there are few very well demarcated turfs of advantage here: Another problem might be the fact that the battery requires four hours to charge with the netbook off, which is more than many can afford.

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Although our test netbook is equipped with an Intel Atom N processor with a clock rate of 1. With Pine Trail performance and a stunning design, it also has a few surprises inside its shell.


Paint quality was above average and resisted most mild scratches from day-to-day use. It has good looks, decent features, nice keyboard and touchpad, and very good battery life. And adds a bit of fresh wind to the monotony of black, gray or even white.

Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

The microphone is integrated in the display bezel. The corresponding array microphone is integrated on the display bezel’s right.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Compared to the U, MSI took a step in the right direction by including driver support. The netbook would then be able to be used everywhere for accessing the internet via a fast 3. Ultimately, we could type fairly smoothly after a longer accommodation period, whereby a few extra key strokes couldn’t be completely prevented even then.

We would describe the typing feel as okay.

MSI Wind U160 Review

The touch-sensitive touchpad has a knobby surface that merges smoothly, without any visible gaps or edges, into the wrist-rest surface. Compared to the U, MSI went with a cylindrical hinge design on the U, which allows the extended battery to blend with the shape of the back of the netbook. Our Mmsi eater Pro Classic rating was about 6 hours, which is a great reading. But at the same time the Wind U doesn’t do anything wrong.

MSI Wind U160 Series

We can determine a whole Color and contrast are comparable to other competing netbooks thanks to the glossy screen surface. The measured temperatures u610 the upper side, that is wrist-rest and keyboard, are also alright under load, but the bottom side of the small ten inch computing servant shows a different picture.


The single components merge nicely without leaving large gaps between the single parts. Temperature Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions supply reason for complaint.

Aside from the chic looks, the Wind U can graohics with a good workmanship, a good battery life, an adequate connectivity and high-end input devices.

Single Review, online available, Long, Date: Wiind Wind U doesn’t leave much to be desired in terms of mobility with a construction height of only 25 millimeters and a weight of a bit more than a kilogram. Keyboard A further highlight of the Wind U is its keyboard. T3 Outstanding battery performance and an excellent keyboard, make the Wind U one of the better netbooks around.

But MSI Wind U has literally brought us a fresh wind in the black-white monotony of notebooks and netbooks. Thus, dimming and color deviations turn up very quickly on the display already when the horizontal viewing angle is altered, or even on both the vertical and horizontal plane when the sitting height is changed.

Reg Hardware With a very similar spec to a lot of netbooks floating out of the great netbook yards of Gdaphics China, this machine is a bit faster, for a bit longer, than many.