Every esxi has 2 SAS ports, and every one of them are connected one to the A1 and the other to the B1 of the P cabin. Justin December 10, at 2: Thanks for posting this resolution, I had the exactly same issue and tried all sort of HP user guide recommendations without success. GD image support not detected in PHP! How can this be? As I see it, this model is targeted towards the C blade enclosures, as the 6Gb SAS Blade switch will allow you to connect all 8 blades in the enclosure in redundant mode to up to 4 P shelves.

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I would think that you would bottleneck at the controller because it only has 6Gbps out to the drives anyhow… But the setup that I have the LSI switches on does not come close to pushing that kind of storage bandwidth.

However because microsoft does not to round robin or any other true multipathing that i know of out of the box.

HP manuals and troubleshooting all failed to work. Justin October ksa, at 8: The latest version of firmware is at TSP released on Feb 9, The LUNs exported from such storage are presented as “Here’s some storage.

How to find out the HP P SAN storage usage – Server Fault

Suddenly it got stopped and no amber no light. Chadius December 10, at 2: Following through the troubleshooting steps in the manuals lead nowhere as the end synopsis was to check the event logs.


Everything worked this time. Ok, I had tried all the possibilites, now I know why dont works, thks.

Sean June 25, at 8: Justin, Is ,sa a solution that would work for VMotion between hosts? Nicolai October 12, at 3: It has only one controller in it and there is no light ON on the controller.

HP P G3 SAS SAN | Justin’s IT Blog

Justin November 6, at 8: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for your post, I was really stuck on this one.

The thing is, servers can see the volumes how ever disk management shows 4 disks and I only can make cluster work so far if I disable the last 2 detected SAS disks. Your generosity has once boosted my confidence. Excellent, glad it worked for you. This will save us thousands of dollars. Hot plugging controller A back in at this stage with the device powered on resulted in both controllers reporting a healthy status and all the disks and hardware being detected.

I would say that if you are worried about getting close to the 6Gbps limit then upgrade to the fiber channel model with fiber channel switches.

  4200 PCL5 DRIVER

Justin June 7, at 7: Anyone knows anything about it? I Thank you as well for posting this solution. What you with with it and what the bytes you put on it mean are all your responsibility.

Fixing HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 MSA SAN

Thanks for the feedback Brian — glad this post helped you, and cheers for the status command — very useful! Pierre March 26, at 5: Just in case anybody else is stuck Sma found the command show shutdown-status really helpful in trying to find out the states of the controllers.

Provisioning of the SAN if very easy and simple too, and you have complete control over the disk drives and how they are allocated. Justin Paul December 2, at GD image support not detected in PHP! So I was down to one controller serving a bunch of VMs and I needed to replace the defective one so it can be running in full redundant mode msq.