It has such a fine variable rate that the reduction unit is not needed, so it is not offered on dual rate focusers. It may look like ‘astro bling’ but the Moonlite is a superb piece of engineering that will make focusing a dream. I’d recommend that if your going to buy one of these you take some advice about what to buy as Moonlite do a bewildering range of options. Performance wise the Moonlite simply cant be faulted. The Shaft Lock mechanism is a unique mini brass compression ring clamp that allows the user to lock the shaft without deflecting the drawtube. Keep an eye on the log file for any issues. We offer High Res Stepper Motor install kits separately that are easy for customers to install themselves at a later time.

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Teleskop-Express: MoonLite ” Crayford focuser with dual speed transmission (red)

The Moonlites fittings didn’t quite match perfectly to the holes left behind by the Sky-Watcher unit which required me to file two of the holes out to a slightly larger size. The rotator is a double row bearing design that installs between the focuser’s existing upper and lower flange assembly.

Periodically you should clean the rollers with a soft cotton bud to keep the unit perfect.

Dual rate focuser owners may want to break in the 8: However, this is at the expense of the full usability of this shop. Travel options are now 1. No damage will be done if the focuser motor continues to run past the mechanical stops of the drawtubes travel. For me the epitome of this is the Moonlite Crayford focuser. TS-Optics adapter from 2″ to 1,25″ – 2″ filterthread – compression ring.


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fociser They are unavoidable for the correct functioning of our shop. This type of lock does not push against the draw tube like other lock systems do.

Slip clutch drive for both manual and motor moonlkte. Please see Download page for Software https: A really wonderful piece of craftsmanship which works as good as it looks.

Your PID should get smaller and smaller. Setting up some initial numbers: Alexander Pope wrote in his Essay on Criticism “Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, thinks what never was, nor is, nor ever shall moonkite But then he didn’t own a Moonlite focuser which is simply – poetry.

,oonlite is what we recommend as a starting point: They are the same size as the focusers foot print 2. Shipping costs Moonlite extra long drawtube for 2.

With a mag 4 star centered and roughly in focus, we’re just about ready to run our first V-curve. Astro books Astro-books for moolite Observations Astrophotography Others.


So first, we must move your MoonLite to the center point.

Focus Max Setup

Astronomy can be weird for a girl. Performance wise the Moonlite simply cant be faulted. See Video for Rotator installation: The miniV2 controller has built in temperature sensor as well as a remote temp probe.

After several more jogs and images, I came real close to focus at steps: As expected, I was way out of focus at the zero point.

The rotator kit can be purchased separately, or it can be picked at the time the focuser is purchased and would be pre installed. MoonLite Focuser excerpt for Vixen Thread.

Welcome to MoonLite Telescope Accessories…

With a base thickness of 1. Moonlite short 2″ focuser for Newtonian telescopes.

The manual buttons on the controller have a fine and fast rate so it can be used manually for critical focus with out a PC if needed. All Crayford style focusers require a clean bearing to drawtube surface for smooth cocuser. In the above example, 3″ is needed so an install kit under the focuser would add an additional 1.