Wuxi Yarun Semiconductor Technology Co. Discontinued, but many reports of “good audio” and many asked which mic I was using. By prescaling in multiples of ten and repositioning the decimal point, the numbers come up correctly e. Datasheets for all ICs are readily available on the Internet. Good to perfect decodes on all. No “HD Radio” decoding with this European-made unit.

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All crystal resonant frequencies will change somewhat due to aging.

Even so, it performed well enough for my ship-to-shore radio business at the time. Register for a free QRZ account.

Then try the receiver again. Another window of opportunity, the enjoyment of listening to distant-market AM stations online has closed thanks to the lawyers. I cut a piece of perfboard to the required size and super glued the LED digits to it.

Amateur Radio Station K7WV

The input is capacitively coupled so that it can be tied to an internal DC bias supply. I want to get more wire in the air next time as well, much more and I will need to switch to my FLGLN as the amplifying module as the ALAM approaches overload with around 50 feet of wire.

Most distant received here: This sets its operating point to its most sensitive region and increases its sensitivity to approximately 65 mV rms. The 10K resistors suppress stray pickup on these lines. I actually have 2 of these antennas now as I was able to repair the damaged one from the tree fall. Still not set up to play recordings displxy have to operate “live” on this mode.


MP Fast Free Price and Delivery Quotes – IC Electronic – 2 Way Radio

Korea overnight with clear decodes. Also have 2M FM.

This seldom occurs now that around 60 stations are operating in the band but can still be accomplished on disllay it helps to use an SDR to make lots of overnight TOH recordings. He and others work on Drakes. Having seen many designs on the Internet, I would not argue that it looks simple, but I see a lot missing such as prescalers, function controls, and actual display circuits in lieu of a laptop.

Shenzhen Sanland Technology Co. M5826p fact, it drops onto the same solder pads as the so there are not even any connecting wires needed. I have received and identified these 84 stations on the six “graveyard” frequencies: Shenzhen Allnewsemi Electronic Co.

This is an exciting breakthrough that unlocks previously impossible DXing locations such as those cliffside pulloffs overlooking the ocean.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting

The only remaining step in the frequency counter retrofit process is to wire the oscillator. Always thought I would be first with that one. Shenzhen Origin Technology Co. My operating position downstairs.


However, when frequencies exceed the 10 MHz limit, a prescaler is required to divide the clock signal until its frequency reaches a level that the counting circuits can handle. Of the n54826p previously logged only 28 are still operating. I am the first DXer to decode this station from North America. All of these counters are based on a marvelous chip developed in the s: I only need 1 more state KY and would certainly have worked it already with a 5-element antenna future upgrade?

I do not at present use a linear amp on any bands.

October 15, 16 Vastly superior signal strength display and readability than the small Sony display. M54286p in this mode, PN junctions can perform extremely fast switching, and this particular one is rated at over MHz. I have just had a breakthrough and got the impressive Amalgamated DGPS decoder working for live decodes so with overnight runs commencing it is only a matter of time.