The dither types take their names from a shape of a random distribution frequency curve. So, what I am saying here is that we have not paid nearly enough attention to the sound cards. Ah, so that is why buffer always is reset to ! You may also need to turn off the ‘Use large hardware buffers’ option in Media Center or we’ll switch it back to for playback. In this case sound quality can be better than even in the balanced mode since it lacks an additional operation of subtraction of signals of opposite polarity.

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Trumpetguy lynnxtwo February 22, Does ultimate perfection exist? There are several features that distinguish the card as a professional solution. See any errors on this page?

LynxTWO – Products – Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

It’s unlikely if we are speaking about sound quality. Excellent for all the tests Remember that these tests are synthetic. Do you know where your shoes are?

Well, modern sound cards keep on improving their sound quality against all the odds. Dithering is used only for recording because a reproduced signal does contain one of the dither types.



Please lyjxtwo JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The dither types take their names from a shape of a random distribution frequency curve.

I had to turn off the following in BIOS: BioShock Infinite and Metro: I would recommend posting on the Lynx forum: I must point out that the manufacturer gives characteristics of the card obtained from operation of the card in a real computer, i.

Every virtual device can be assigned for any physical analog or digital output. Be the first to review this item.

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And considering that it is capital, rather than the genius of engineers, that rules the industry, the products of the mainstream market follow the principle that a good advertising campaign is the most important thing.

I find this a bit strange since the sound is a very important part of the experience, especially now that 5.

No Longer Available Update Location close. The balanced mode doesn’t involve transformers here and it’s based on the typical differential circuit. That is why really successful products appear on the market very seldom. Overview Customers Company Other Products: And while in the 16bit mode most cards lynxteo reached the format’s upper limit, in the 24bit mode the Lynx Two leaves the other audio devices far behind.


No “entry level” items here. But the displayed sampling frequency doesn’t actually reflect the one generated by the oscillator precisely as it is obtained by dividing the reference frequency of the converters by the oversampling coefficient.

Others have reported this: Had to get help from Lynx support to roll back the firmware to 24, and it has worked since. For the highest bitrates e. Forum Getting Started Purchase Support: The Lynx Two came replacing the Lynx One card which supported playback at the maximum of 24 bit But what about the sound cards?

Flexibility of signal routing is provided by the Lynx Mixer utility. Forum Getting Started Purchase. The Lynx Two was announced at the beginning of lynxtwk hit the streets in the middle of As you know, dithering is adding of pseudo noise of the minimal power to the signal to prevent correlation of the signal with quantization noise.

Please explain the problem you are having.