Davidson and The Florida State University. The camera and lights still need a USB connection to operate. The software comes on a CD-ROM, and it really is outstanding in its functionality, it is very easy to install, and looks very nice, with a lot of sound , yes, this is not a quiet microscope. This is at 10X. Tardigrades have been shown to be a phyl…. This model has taken the innovations of its predecessor to a new level, while maintaining affordability. Send us an email.

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Itel discussion explains how the Intel QX3 objectives operate and details their features and limitations. One connector contains five wires colored red, yellow, blue, green, and purple that travel through a molded blue plastic conduit to the body electrical contact pads that supply current to the microscope stand.

Digital Blue Intel Play Qx3 Microscope Model 24221 Good for Parts

Visit the websites of our partners in education: Comments to the author Comments to the author sent via our contacts page quoting page url plus: Resized and cropped from the images sent ca. Visit the websites of our partners in education: Light Pathways – Illumination is perhaps the most important consideration in optical microscopy.

This Grasspur is qz3 bad weed all over South Texas. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,! This is not difficult to accomplish, because each objective has a different diameter and they are correctly positioned within the magnification ring by a tab on the barrel.


Davidson and The Florida State University. The minimum PC system requirements are: The Intel Play product line, developed and jointly marketed by Intel ibtel Mattelwas a product line of consumer “toy” electronic devices. The microscope is designed with 2 light sourcesone for reflected and one for transmitted light.

Intel Play USB Microscopes – Vintage Computer Chip Collectibles, Memorabilia & Jewelry

The big focusing knobs work smoothly, I never had any problems with them jerking. Ex-resident of the flower of the Granada Bush, photographed as he was leaving on the black cloth, that I put on to the stage. Comments Have your say about what you just read on MicroscopeMaster! At this point, all that is left is the green magnification ring and the objective face plate, which are attached to each other by three Phillips-head screws that reside deep within three cylindrical bosses that double as spacers between the magnification ring and the face plate.

The QX3 is an introductory model. Locate the eight depressions that contain Phillips-head screws, which secure the front and rear body cowlings together. Then place the objective turret assembly securely on a desktop and press down, forcing the axle and snap ring to rise above the cylindrical axle boss in the stationary turret housing.

It has magnification levels of 10x, 60x, and x. Together these eight angled shafts provide correct alignment and positioning for the two body intek with respect to the turret and body faceplate. Remove the three Phillips-head screws in the upper turret housing ontel the rear of the objectivesand pull the housing free from the magnification ring.


Intel, the computer chip makers, and Mattel, the toy designer, have in partnership designed a very educational toy, to teach optics, imaging and computers. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed.

Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

This involves loosening a set of four cylindrical tabs in the front body cowling from two alignment shafts in the body faceplate and two alignment shafts in the upper turret housing. Subscribe to our Newsletter. These companies reserve all of their rights and privileges under copyright law. Windows 98 with support of the USB port is essential, a fast processor surely helps.

Scientific understanding changes over time. The microscope used optical not digital magnification.

The remarkable aspect of this novel design is just how close the microscope approaches to being genuinely useful in a research environment doing cutting-edge science. You are logged in as. Feld Entertainment Ringling Bros. Although some weaknesses can be found in the design of the stand, the Digital Blue QX3 is a durable design, although a few recommended adjustments would increase stability and, more importantly, the amount of light.