If the board is to be installed in a low case, the power supply connector can be difficult to reach as well, since it’s located between an AGP slot and a socket. It means that the ALi chipset will be positioned the same way as chipsets from VIA, only at a lower price. I just wouldn’t bank on it being the end all, or comparable to any of the better on card solutions. Another proprietary technology, “Microstepping”, allows you adjust the frequency of voltage of the processor. No question – give it a try, it’s free. The disc is bootable, therefore, you can create diskettes with drivers for different Iwill boards. The board has three jumpers:

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It seems that they are almost identical: Hey, whats the harm in trying?

Jun 27, Posts: The l is bootable, therefore, you can create diskettes with drivers auvio different Iwill boards. Wed Sep 19, But nothing new was discovered. Mon Sep 17, There are some drawbacks in the layout, though – the FDD connector is located behind the last PCI slot it is inconvenient and prevents good air circulation.


Tue Sep 18, 5: But in our case it isn’t necessary to deal with such unreliable storage medium as a diskette. There is also a Power Installer CD. Iwill is traditionally among the first makers of boards on new chipsets from ALi.

Feedback on the IWill KK266+ audio section?!?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably tops for onboard sound, but when I can pick up a card for 15 bucks that sounds better I am just not to enamored of it. No question – give it a try, it’s free.

But the boards reviewed today are ordinary. I’d say that you’re probably OK for normal uses.

The richness of the C-Media CMI’s sound is pretty shocking, and will come as a pleasant surprise to many users. I have an SB Live that drives the speakers from another box. The quality of implementation of the components is rather good. Video 3Digests Video cards: Main problem is the noise floor is pretty high, especially on the input side.

So the dilemma is do I use the SB Live or use the onboard audio?

Iwill BD PCSTATS Review – BD Specifications

The layout is convenient; there is only one tiny drawback – DIMMs are located too close to the AGP slot, and if a video card is inserted into it, memory modules will be difficult to install. Tue Sep 18, Iwill is just a calm and peaceful worker on the computer market. May l, Posts: The configuration is one of the most popular for today: It seems that it will be a chip from C-Media.


Windows Professional 5. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The KD is interesting with its chipset.

The difference akdio when other programs are used, they use the extra OF course, I only read this, or was told it some time ago or something??? Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. At the same time, the company has its own niche – its boards, as a rule, have everything necessary onboard: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The CD contains not a rich set of software: Thanx for the input.