Gene has done lots of research on the OmniBook family and I think has one of each family. If he doesn’t post here within a couple days, send him a PM or email, pretty sure he’ll have some answers. DLL for some reason. I was able to successfully create a working copy of the 1. The best OB in the series is the OB

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Used it under Win 3.

Dos Conventional Memory Further, is it OK to operate the unit with the battery pack removed? Is the door on the left above the D-drive Rom Card? One of my favorite not-quite-calculator gadgets of theirs is the LX DOS-based palmtop computer, of omniblok I’ve owned two examples one of which took a tumble a few years ago, and suffered a cracked screen.

Or possibly go back to DOS 6. The copying could be easily made dependable on your choice in a DOS boot menu.

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DLL for some reason. So they may have also made an 8mb card.


Figure 11 – Bottom Case Tabs Ojnibook hp Authorized Service Providers Only As long as you don’t need the ability to use lefty mode, or reconfigure the buttons, the Logitech software isn’t necessary at all. Disabling advanced power management corrects the problem, but isn’t a viable way to run the system.

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Battery Door Latch Not sure if it would work or not. Once Linux is booted, you can use the Linux tools to omibook Linux native partitions on the remaining 3. Do 40 need to extract those from my 1. There are sites which claim to sell new battery packs for thebut I’d rather not pay several times as much as I paid for the unit to get one if possible.

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OB Rom card is Version 2. If it’s content running in Windows 3.

Boot Xenix and install to CF Card. Is there a known source for replacement battery packs, or at least the cells used in the existing pack?

I have a and would like to try some new operating systems besides windows 3. onibook


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HP OmniBook find! Actually, you can use 4 GB CF cards including microdrives. It works fine with the 32MB Sandisk flash card I use with my LX, but I don’t have any other cards to use with it other than a similar 20MB card which thus far has not worked in any computer I’ve tried it with, so I assume it’s dead.

No big deal for a touch-typist. BIOS password protection I didn’t know about.

There was a new list to replace this one, but I haven’t seen any activity on the new list and not sure it np still functioning. Floppy Drive Problems Xenix – Use old computer again. Kingston did make some memory cards for the OB Small Parts end User Replaceable The list is no linger in use. You most likely will not be able to find an expansion memory card.