I live in U. Entrepreneur then contacted the businesses with the greatest growth to confirm eligibility. This ebay store sells the Precise S7 clubs that were made in by Tartan Sports. I had a student of mine brag about a tour issue tip and it was a fake. No phone number so I emailed asking if their products are authentic. At this point, my friend purchased it and got it within seven days.

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Are these burner irons fake? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Instead, go to a reputable golf store and try and buy. Should of known considering that the irons are sold out at EVERY reputable store in my area including the few reputable online dealers. My friend brought it a year ago and that set look good quality. I’ve been playing with a superfast driver and compared it to my you can always give taylormade a call to verify the clubs authenticity. Another point to keep in mind….

Other than checking with the OEM if there is a serial number gaylormade it. Frank what is the website address and I will let you know if we have any additional info on them. I bought this driver because of the extra length and boy it didnt disapoint.


First of all the name of the website discountpricegolf. I have see so many times and I never order anything from the internet, because they were making some money raylormade you while you play poor golf game!

Found them for about at VGGolf. I asked customer service she guranteed that they were from the original manufacturer and if i didnt like them i could send them right back for full refund……. Does anybody have any experience with golfwholesalemarket. Please re-enable taylormde to access full functionality.

You only get out of something what you put into it. I would not be dealing with a company like that for my golf clubs. I took close inspection on many irons. Now I’m very worried considering I just bought from them recently because of what I read here. Must admit that the tayormade looked to good to be true and the about us citation was written in pidgin English but the pictures of the clubs looked so real.

Costco would have profit buner volume, not through mandated markups.

TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Website set up in Oct and prices appear to be too good to be true. They have a great range of products and really great prices We can notify you by email the moment it’s in stock! Your genuine help will be greatly appreciated, thank you. A very strong rubber smell. Definitely a Chinese site.


Today’s Golfer

Has anyone dealt with this site? Just checking to see if anyone has any info on the company.

Chris, OEM is an tatlormade confusing and contradictaroy term. I have bought several clubs from them and they seem legit. We have no retail outlet and offer online service only. Do you believe it?

Is the company real and did anubody bought any golf equipment from them.

Are these burner 2.0 irons fake?

From this list, the Hot was selected. I also would start looking at the golf balls to see if the stores are valid.

If a site is genuine and has bothered to pay the money to superfsat their site a security certificate the logo they put on the website front page will be a link to the certificate provider.