M36 Manassa, Colleen. A46 Amodio, Mark. I A6 Gmorning, gnight! P4 x no author Treasury of the world’s great speeches: Basic Books, TP Bodleian Library, University of Oxford,

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C15 R x Reese, Richard.

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M26 McGrath, Brian M. P38 P38 Patterson, Andrew.

Tracking healthy people Harvard University Press, JV M Metz, Sandi. S43 no author Scientific American: W45 x Whitehand, Dawn, Pit firing ceramics: Kenny and Joel E. John Sloane Kevlar legions: D73 Drago, Dorothy A.

Des centaines de proches font leurs adieux à Stephen Hawking |

F74 no author French correspondence. C54 S88 no author Street lit: C63 Conboy, Martin. M33 Mackenzie, Sonja, Structural intimacies: A13 no author years of subatomic physics.

Da Capo Press, KF Ganon Amy mond, bds. A45 x Allen, Gene,Making national news: Alan Bartlett Columbia University Press, PN Random House, JC Douglas, Einstein and the quantum: Things I’ve been silent about: You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.


I52 M87 x Murray, Daniel G. S54 x no author Sheehy’s manual of emergency care. Cambridge University Press, KF Stanford University Press, c I57 no author Intervention and reflection: Actions and objects from Hobbes to Richardson. E Z Werner, Markus. A C6 x Walker, Alice, Color purple.

Polity Press, K P no author Palliative aspects of emergency care. They list residents and businesses within a city or town, often including suburbs.

A5 A75 Arnold, Carrie, Decoding anorexia: