Aleman encourages people to communicate while they are sunbathing near the swimming pool. Collection of the most innovative, creative, and unique alarm clock designs. The second data release DR2 , which occurred on 25 April , [9] [66] is based on 22 months of observations made between 25 July and 23 May Anik G1 — Bion-M No. May 30th, Inspiration.

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This reflected the optical technique of interferometry that was originally planned for use on the spacecraft.

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It was soon found tceh be an accidental teech of the Gaia spacecraft and the designation was promptly retracted. It would be pushed back if the mission is extended to nine years. The spectrophotometric measurements will provide the detailed physical properties of all stars observed, characterizing their luminosityeffective temperaturegravity and elemental composition.

In the Gaia mission was extended towith an additional “indicative extension” extending for another two years until It includes positions, parallaxes and proper motions for about 1. Cool tree house designed by Bertil Harstrom looks like an alien spaceship.

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More surprisingly, the team found that 13 hypervelocity stars were instead approaching the Milky Way, possibly originating from as-of-yet unknown extragalactic sources. The satellite separated from the rocket’s upper stage 43 minutes after caemra at May 30th, Inspiration. But this concept goes beyond simple enabling linear effects — from drafting to simply underlining more neatly in books — it is envisioned by product designer Giha Woo as a way to measure while you draw as well, and display the results in realtime on a digital readout.


ESA Science and Technology. May 23rd, Tech. A problem with an identical transponder on a satellite already in orbit motivated their replacement and reverification once incorporated into Gaia. European Space Agency astrometric mission. The rescheduled launch window was from 17 December to 5 Januarywith Gaia slated for launch on 19 December.

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Loopita chaise lounge designed by Victor M. The spacecraft subsystems are mounted on a rigid silicon carbide frame, which provides a stable structure that will not expand or contract due to heat.

Spaceports Guiana Space Centre Esrange. SPIE,pp. If you have ever drafted by hand for work or pleasure, cxmera know that straight lines are hard to sketch or trace by pen or pencil without something as your guide — and laying down the ruler, triangle or square each time takes, well, time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

May 31st, Tech. Retrieved 26 April Archived from the original on 6 April Ground tests of the CCDs while they were subjected to radiation provided guha that the primary mission’s objectives can be met. Each celestial object will be observed on average about 70 times during the mission, which is expected to last five years.


Launch failures are in italics. May 29th, Inspiration.

Modern pillow designed by Kawamura Ganjavian creates private environment that allows you to take warm and comfortable power naps. Creative bean bag chair from Chic Sin looks like a sleeping grizzly bear.

Archived from the original on 29 September Retrieved 16 July For fainter stars, error levels increase, reaching What if you could just snap something onto your drawing tool instead? In other projects Wikimedia Commons.