If you like built him you must have a lot of time and patience. I didn’t find a driver. There is nothing to program into.. Second step is to install an anti virus software. Thanks to GB who provided this signed driver.

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Intel PH pogramming help needed.

Can program most of the avaialable devices and should have good update support. I thought, i’d pick an XP fenius, get an XP license key from an unused pre-scrapped computer from my employer, install the image, register Windows and try whether i can attach the programmer through an USB-to-Serial connection. To run programs with this microprocessor you need an external ROM, EPROM, Flash or eeprom and these devices can be programmed with universal programmer s or homemade units. This driver does not work on older version GQ-4X.

Hi every body, What is the best programmer in market?



Does not supporting long file name. But it’s sitting in the Loft and i’d need to find a free space to work with it. Third step is to install Firefox. It supports most of PIC chips. How to write set of instructions in ROM of ?? Are you referring to an external eepromnot the internal eeprom of the MCU?


I investigate settings for the virtual machine and found a place to enable this specific USB device which gemius bothered me with the next problem: Hobby Circuits and Small Projects Problems:: Looking for a universal programmer circuit.

More other chips updates. They are not registered but they are freshly installed and the registration period has not yet started. Is there any opensource universal eeprom programmer?

Hmm, given my experience with Windows i restarted it. Voltage diagnostic bug fixes. This driver is for all Windows XP, Win7.

Universal Programmer and EPROM Programmer, FREE S/W Download

Googled for it, downloaded it from Oracle, it automatically installed into Virtual Box — fine! Can program any DIP upto 40pins device without the use of adapters. Is there any eeprom IDE available?


Ok, let’s figure out why. The microprocessor is a ROM-less device. To get fully functional software, the software needs registration and activation code.

How has programmer circuit? It was unregistered as expected and i tried to register my key. Universal Eeprom Programmer Are you looking for?: There is nothing to program into. Frankly, i want to get rid of it. Best Universal Programmer Are you looking for?: For specific Window version driver only: When i connect the device gives a id correct.