In summary, I can now watch variables, change them, display them in graphs, send my custom commands to the application, and I can send stimulation values: Programming the STM32F4-Discovery The programming environment including the settings for compiling and programming are described. The driver enables or disables the interrupts and communication lines as required during the run-time. Using an osciloscope I can see that it is receiving some pulses thru RS Rx line , but it is not transmitting Tx line at the boards side. Freescale Semiconductor Japan Ltd. That would make it even more useful, and would certainly solve the cross-platform issue.

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In this example I just need one: That way commands with parameters can be passed to the application without using additional global variables. This is very I hope I can close a gap. It can be found in the Components Library view in Processor Expert:.

FreeMASTER Serial Communication Driver – User Guide

This configuration option is supported by some of the the MPC57xx platforms. This feature enables calling the application callback function in the interrupt communication communkcation.

But even better, if this could be done directly with data provided from the target board? Maybe browse for that file again.


Maybe post your problem in the Freescale Forum? Ability to deny the access to the unsafe memory. This file is indirectly included into the user application code from freemaster.

Tutorial: FreeMASTER Visualization and Run-Time Debugging | MCU on Eclipse

Hi Markus, many thanks for your write-up, and this exactly matches what I have encountered while using FreeMaster on my own. Thank you very much for your help. See Chapter 4, “Platform-Specific Topics” for more details about the individual platforms. Although these types are treated as unsigned integer types in C-language, it may be worthwhile to describe them using these macros, so the FreeMASTER treats them properly.

Tiva communicafion More information.

FreeMASTER Serial Communication Driver – PDF

Really xD I have a Question: The later could be difficult as some portion of it are only delivered as a library. The others must be defined to zero or left undefined. I was not able to follow the procedures stated in your article because it was written communicaiton Process Expert. Hi, Erich Project created by the wizard are creating a.

Let´s start with FreeMASTER!

I suggest that you use my application code application. But if you want frremaster monitor local ones, then you need to make them global. Just watch out for endian swaps.


MQX platform configuration options For this, a variable needs to be at a fixed address. In the long interrupt mode, this function compiles as an empty function and may still be called.

Accessing local variables on the stack does not make sense, as the memory address will change communicattion the time. There should be a new FreeMaster version out V1. The argument values can be changed too:.

The descriptors are capable of describing the memory areas by specifying an address and size of the block or more conveniently by using directly the C variable names.

Maybe my poor english vocabulary lead to this misunderstanding. Your license to the Software and applicable restrictions vary depending on the nature of the Software provided.

For basic memory read and write operations, there is no communication derial required on the target when communicating with the host PC. I even tried for another variable declared globally but even unable to cimmunication that variable also.