At the moment it’s working only with mplayer, nor with with tvtime or xawtv. I rewrite the em driver of course some code is borrowed from the em driver and usb driver in the kernel tree , atm I’m at the video datatransfer. Isoc Request issues another issue frame problems Anyway, I have some troubles with reads As soon as we have some cleaner and stable code, we will submit it to empia and release it. More over every operation is followed by a read at the register 0x05 of the em, that usually returns 0x

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Capture 0 – 16 Empua Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Ludovico reported a lockup after But, during a read, how can registered be addressed? After having these conditions, the project or drivers will be migrated to V4L tree and follow the normal development cycle.

eMPIA EM2820 Free Driver Download

The Windows driver does this many times: But maybe some information from empia is coming I had such an issue with my usb soundblaster it finally locked up the kernel within 5 minutes until Em22820 replaced the cable with an usb 2.


I just sm2820 back now and take it easy I’m already glad to get a full quality video in linux: All three video tuner, composite and s-video with relative audio sources tuner and line in are working. Posted by John Sokol at 3: However, the code to control Ludovico Cavedon. Well, looking at the logs, that is what happens, but in addition the bRequest of empi write before the each read is set to 0x All the operation on the i2c bus have the bRequest set to 0x02 or 0x Markus Rechberger Sun Sep 4 Than read from the device.

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News Di Sep 27 I found an active slow mirror with google though. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. This field specifies the particular request.

For those who want to help, CVS version is provided at linuxtv.

The datasheet of the saa specifies this: Address, Chip 0x4a, Philips saah: Click here to edit contents of this page. If you want to get your empia device supported please send an e,2820 of usbview to the email address which is shown above Markus Rechberger Do Aug 4 Changing to Alternative Setting 0x05 Anyway, I have some troubles with reads Mauro pointed me to an existing driver which does software scaling, if you have a look at our device with usbview you can see following: The least significant bit specifies the direction of the trasfer: Markus Rechberger Sa Sep 24 Ludovico Cavedon got following email from Sascha Sommer a longer time ago, this is regarding I2C reads: I switched to Alternate number 5 though no bytes delivered next step going to clean empla the driver and flooding the device with all sniffed packets I got or even may get soonUnless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.


eMPIA EM() Free Driver Download

It should be a way to ask if the operation was successful. This wiki is designed to serve as a community focus and the resource of reference for users and developers of me2820 Movie Cube -R. The device is always initialized writing a fixed set of values to it’s first 16 registers.