I read somewhere that not-so-good cables can cause the FireWire-ports safety fuse to go off and mess up the bus, or in my case, the whole computer. I checked from System Preferences and it had disappeared from there, only built-in audio in the menu. User profile for user: I tried rebooting and it was alarmingly slow. I bought one and tried it right there at the store. Once again device worked fine for the first two minutes but then the real problems started:

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It said on the manual of the device that you can just plug and play when using Mac.

But here’s the sad story: The device is known to use Core Audio driver so no additional installations were needed. Now the setup has been running flawlessly for 2 hours straight so I just might say phew! All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. Reading some of the forums, I figured my problem might be cable-related.

So if you type audio fa6 your spotlight click on audio MIDI setup and make sure all devices are on the same sample rate you should not have this problem again well I haven’t yet anyway. Mac users will appreciate the FA- 66’s plug-and-play capability – it uses the standard Apple FireWire driver, so you can hook it up and start recording.


Roland Edirol FA FireWire Audio Interface With Mac OSX – Mootzproductions

Apple Mac OS X Could this be SL-related? It would ideally suit roving songsmiths, as well as those seeking a high-quality, computer-based field recorder in order to collect real-world ambiences and other sounds.

Thank you, I hope this edkrol help people struggling with the same malfunction. Short explanation, in case someone faces the same problem in future: It think I osz this covered!

I feel I have tried every possible combination already You’ll need a six-pin connection to power the device from the FireWire bus, but a mains adaptor is included if you have a four-pin.

Sep 18, 2: Could it be that the interface is somehow not supporting the port and that’s causing the problems?


And it’s not even supposed to be supported for other than intel Macs! You can power the interface both by bus or by a DC adapter. But then it just froze. All this was repeated with numerous restarts and logouts and whatnot. I tried re-connecting the device but nothing happened for a while and suddenly after 15 minutes or so, the computer found the device again. But soon the same pattern repeated. Only buy and use quality cables and if something is not working, be suspicious about the cheapest part first.

The FA- 66’s metal case is robust enough to withstand a beating and fuss-free operation ensures it won’t get af66 the way of the creative flow. So I tried with another FW-cable with slightly more “reach” at the computers port.


The cable was of Belkin, the same brand that Apple Store sells, and it was three times as expensive as my previous ones but I guess it was woth it. So I did what seemed like a good idea and shut the computer down and removed the AC adaptor and battery and let the machine “cool down” for an hour or so. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

To edirl the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Once again device worked fine for the first two minutes but then the real problems started: Any tips on a fix or should I just take either my computer or the interface back to the salesman and demand my money back?

Sep 11, 1: Naturally, a unit of this size and price is going to be limited on features, but it does provide enough for basic recording sessions on the hoof. The FA was accompanied by two FireWire cables, but they were and