I used the latest drivers from Dell’s website and the newest Storage Matrix driver from Intel. Just for background, before getting the right solution, I also experienced that physically removing my DVD-RW drive solved the problem. But unfortunately it didn’t change nothing. Almost all the latency values were very close to But all the resource monitors only showed minimal load. It’s too bad, because I like many of the features in Vista, but. DELL is the most expensive crap computer on the market

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It’s too bad, because I’ve been pretty happy with my previous Latitudes and Inspirons – they all worked pretty well right out of the box and never any repairs. The first one had a problem with the CPU.

DELL Latitude E Laptop Windows XP Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

Is there anyone who still has such issues? As for the sulutions: The latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver! The sound’s glitching and is cutted whenever the notebook is loaded with some bigger work to do. Whereas previously I could do it with freecell. Subscribe To Posts Atom.


Tuesday, January 13, Dell Latitude E sound problem fixed – and dvd burning one as well. I used the latest drivers from Dell’s website and the newest Storage Matrix driver from Intel.

Especially is it’s assembled in Poland: But nothing changed with sound. The other thing that cause this problem is using a non-oem windows.

Thanks so much for figuring this out! Thanks for steering dwll in the right direction. This solution applies to the Dell Latitude D though the problem only occurs at random intervals in my experience.

e6500 crackling audio

The same latency and scratching. You can try to install the driver if you not sure which to choose, installing wrong driver will not harm llatitude system but please make sure to uninstall it before installing other driver. Not sure if step was necessary: Thanks for the post.

I wonder why Dell did use this chip without fixing the known problems first. I installed this XP SP2 in all the time and installed the latest drivers from dell. Don’t windowe know people listen to music?

Talking to Dell support, reinstalling OS to xp, vita, Win7 with the same scratchy issue. For a whole reboot This just keeps getting better. I will now try to re-install the dell driver and hopefully create a match. I also ran some of the built-in 3D screen savers in Windows XP. Dell give me a shit I’m was beated a few days for a many way but my sound dissapointed me all the time.


SYS, but this is under “computer” in the device manager and therefore cannot be disabled. Good place for answers.

Drivers For Free – Dell Latitude E Audio and Sound Drivers

I saw on another forum suggestion to use microsoft generic driver, but still no luck. Some other forum says “switch off nVidia PowerMizer”.

Thank you forever for solving this. The only problem I have with audio is that the IDT control panel is missing a lot of settings I would expect to be there like digital audio ddll, equalizer etc. I got a few latency spikes of microsecs but I couldn’t notice any audio problems.