Versions of package libpam-tmpdir Release Version Architectures buster. Versions of package tcpdump Release Version Architectures stretch. Debian Edu Developers Holger Levsen. Paul Slootman YunQiang Su. Versions of package debian-edu-doc-en Release Version Architectures stretch.

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DEC 10/Base-T, NDIS

Nmap is a utility for network exploration or security auditing. Debian Printing Team Didier Raboud.

Less pager program similar to more http: Versions of package kexec-tools Release Version Architectures stretch. Versions of package printer-driver-hpijs Release Version Architectures wheezy-security. Debian Edu is a Debian project to make the best distribution for educational purposes.

This package also includes orphaner, a text menu frontend to deborphan.

Debian — Details of package nictools-pci in stretch

Psmisc utilities that use the proc file system http: A must-have for any serious programmer. Versions of package emacs Release Version Architectures stretch. The package is also scanned via lintian before the install and its possible to inspect the control and data members of the packages. Apticron Simple tool to mail about pending package updates – cron version Maintainer: Versions of package hwinfo Release Version Architectures squeeze.


Debconf Developers Colin Watson. A must-have for any serious programmer.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) DEC Chip 21041 Network Driver

Iproute2 networking and traffic control tools https: Contains a tool that is run by a cron job at regular intervals. Versions of package lsscsi Release Version Architectures wheezy. Rsyslog is a multi-threaded implementation of syslogd a system utility providing support for message loggingwith cd21x4 that include: This package may require some manual configuration.

Uses information in sysfs Linux kernels 2. Foomatic-filters OpenPrinting printer ddc21x4 – filters https: Firmware-misc-nonfree Binary firmware for various drivers in the Linux kernel https: Versions of package gdb Release Version Architectures sid.

Package: nictools-pci (1.3.8-2 and others)

Rsyslog reliable system and kernel logging daemon http: This package contains the binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtremeII network adapters supported by the bnx2 driver. Among others, libhd contains information about cdrom, zip, floppy, disks and partitions, network card, graphics card, monitor, camera, mouse, sound, pppoe, isdn, modem, printer, scanner, bios, cpu, usb, memory and smp.


This way the old behavior of having the remote printers available automatically is now re-implemented with Bonjour. Versions of package printer-driver-hpijs Release Version Architectures wheezy-security. Versions of package cups-filters Release Version Architectures jessie. Popularity-contest Vote for your favourite packages automatically https: Intel Pro Wireless firmware bootstrapversion 1.

Firmware-ipw2x00 Binary firmware for Intel Pro Wirelessand http: Paxket install the recommended packages dialog, gettext-base and apt when you want a working and fully featured lacket. This package provides both the rsync command line tool and optional daemon functionality. This information helps Debian make decisions such as which packages should go on the first CD.