You can, of course, just enter disc names and categories manually. Change the backup files directory. Jammed Immediately send the machine to distributors for maintenance. The keyword search for the Content and Remark fields isn’t what you’d call deep, but it ought to be good enough. Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs?

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No 78mm baby-discs or laserdiscs, please, but everything else just drops in. But you’re not expected to use the Library as a manual storage system with its contents scribbled in a book. Reading this manual is required before using CD Library. dd-101

All of the discs live in the slots of this turntable. About This Guide Always follow the instructions whenever using this product, to prevent any possible injury and property damage. Page 11 Jammed Immediately send the machine to distributors for maintenance. Not all warehouses stock the same items Please note not all products are available for collection at the Dv-101.

Dacal DC-101 Instruction Manual

Thank you very much for all the support inwe really appreciate it. CD Library machine has no power Solution: Look at the underside of the turntable, and you can see how the locating system works.

Windows OS is registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. The software understands multiple Libraries; there’s an “ID” drop-down menu that lets you manually pick which one you’re talking about when you add new discs to the database, and the search functions work across all of them.


Software Setup Adjust the language to Dcaal, and then select font. Then again, maybe that’s a feature, not a bug; it’s possible though inadvisable to manually rotate the turntable even when it hasn’t been removed. Jammed Immediately send the machine to distributors for maintenance.

Orders and enquiries will be responded to and processed in the new year once we re-open again. You may key in a single condition of multiple of conditions for search. So it’ll still do a complete turn, plus a bit, if you ask to go from disc three to disc four. And it’s not what you’d call super-portable. You don’t have to fill all slots to use the Library, of course, but it looks cooler that way. FCC Regulation This machine has followed Chapter 15 of the FCC regulation regarding the Class B digital device for testing, and it is confirmed that it meets the requirement of the regulation.

It’s alleged to be compatible with all Windows flavours from Win98 up. Collection Info We offer two collection options. You can’t dial up a new disc dacall de-ejecting the last one. The Dacal Technology DC CD Library is a motorised disc carousel gadget which can deliver any disc to your hand in a few seconds. It completely lacks any xacal to get disc information from elsewhere – you can’t import your own database, and there’s no neat-o CDDB or similar hookup for daacal a bunch of music CDs or movies the fast way.


If all you want is a ton of data in one place, vast numbers of CDs don’t make a lot of sense. But if you need to index, say, a thousand or so discs, and have them all accessible in short order, then a bank of Libraries will do it pretty elegantly.

Dacal DC CD library | DC – Pc Link Computers

It’s not particularly complex – drive motor assembly, eject motor assembly, two photosensors to detect the turntable position. Whenever you search or see any image you want, click such image and you can retrieve the disc. Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs?

Can not turn on xc-101 Please check the socket if the power adaptor and DC connector are plugged properly. Well, as daval as you don’t have too many hundreds of discs to scan through, that is.

On the plus side, plugging in the USB cable doesn’t stop the Library’s knob from working, so you can always manually dial-a-disc if you like. But if you’ve got enough discs to fill one or more Libraries, then they may be just what you’ve been waiting for.