Let’s see how this baby rocks. PC multimedia speaker system. PC multimedia speaker system. Dolby Digital Sound Page 3: SBS 20 were never the type of speakers that games and music enthusiasts wanted. This time round Creative came out with something pretty outstanding if I should say so myself. The threshold specified is 40 Hz, but this is optimistic, because no sound comes out properly below 50 Hz on an FPS

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Anything that fourpointsirround catch fire will do. When I was at A-Zone and heard the display set I was not that impressed with it, as the surrounding area was pretty huge.

Creative Labs FPS Overview – CNET

Sign in for more lists. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. B – Placing the rear speakers behind the user C – Placing the rear speaker at the edge crextive a wide table while front speaker next to the monitor D – Place the rear speaker below the table top at each side Note: The weirdest thing about the system is the satellite speakers. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab However, I’d like to note that the even though the Sub Woofer was about 1.

Many would say that AC3 support should be added in, but to me it is quite redundant. If you’re into games with 3D positional audio, you don’t need multiple speakers for accurate sound location spotting; two headphone transducers will work better.

Since the FPS was meant for a small enclosed area, it need not provide such feature. You only have two ears, after all.


Basically, it’s a speaker cone and roll surround, without any electromagnetic components on the back of it.

Comparison of 13 4.1 and 5.1 Sound Systems

C – Placing the rear speaker at the edge of a wide table while front speaker next to the monitor. THX-certified home theatre speaker systems have, according to the specto be able to manage flat in-room response down fourpointsurrounnd a dust-raising 20Hz.

I presume it’s just got fewer amp chips in there, and a dinkier power supply for them.

If your sound card vreative 4 speaker configuration, that’s great, but however if it does not, well not to worry as the FPS will split the signal from the front to rear, meaning you’ll fpz1600 2 left and 2 right speakers. Which isn’t listed on the Tangband site; I just linked to that site out of malice. I flung a selection of different music at all of the speakers in this comparison; among other things, each of them got to take a swing at Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House”, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, and a large-organ rendition of J.

Since all PC sound cards have a normal unbalanced one-stereo-pair line level output, you can just plug ’em straight into a stereo, home theatre or PA system of arbitrary gruntiness, and you’re away. The port’s flared at both ends for chuff reduction; ignoring the flare, it’s about three xreative in diameter, which is big. Solsman Dec 6, The medium frequencies, on the other hand, lack presence and clearness.


There’s also, however, the Select crewtive, a 2.

Do not crowd anything around the speaker, as this would affect the sound. And I’ve checked out ceative few recent offerings. If the sub has to play higher frequencies, though, it becomes much harder to get yourself a good stereo soundstage.

Creative Labs FPS1600

If you want it all in one box, off the shelf, today, then the Inspire isn’t that bad. It’s all built around this control box Many would agree the Fourpointsurrounr was pretty good but sound was too low and the ACS45 was still the preferred choice to many. Driver Details 3rd speaker Speaker Type.

It can be done, as we’ll see in a moment. If you’re a non-critical listener all of the time, though, you’re lucky.

They’re not a transcendent sonic experience; maybe the funky phase cfeative driver does something good, but the lack of damping material in the speaker boxes may cancel it out. Dolby Digital Sound Page 3: A wad of sound-absorbing stuff – polyester fibre, usually, in modern speakers – strategically placed in a speaker will damp out unwanted box resonances, and also make the box acoustically larger by slowing down the sound waves.