After this step, no further action is required. Nothing changed, the bug is still in here. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Please try it out. Once the driver has been installed, the server must be restarted, in order for the driver to be loaded. Jorge Joaquim Gomes Silva jorgej wrote on I tested this kernel but was unable to mount the hard disk.

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I cannot judge yet. Take a deeper look, I don’t nehxtreme [1] will help the situation. If both ends are gigabit, it works much more reliably.

You must re-supply the driver disk at this point. I just compiled linux-stable 4. I can run tests or gather broadom data, if it helps. I’ve just confirmed that this bug exist in the upstream kernel version 4. Without the patch, my kernels always fail. Patch is not merged yet in the main linux branch, until and including 4. Lauri, Can you let me know if you’ve tested the work-around solution on a 64bit or 32bit OS?

Any fix to this bug? Yea I saw the same issue on Gigabits ethernet.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver g for Linux (tg3) Driver – TechSpot

I tested this kernel but was unable to mount the hard netxgreme. Hence, the “if” condition fails nettreme the body is not executed. The file with filename ending metadata. I also checked that this patch is not yet merged into the latest vanilla stable kernel, version 4. I tried this with 3. Currently I’m on vacation, and will not be able to test it until about March 5 2 weeks from now. Once the driver has been installed, the server must be restarted, in order for the driver to be loaded.


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The zip file should be unzipped to produce the driver disk ISO imagebefore carrying out the steps below. I’ve also tested with the latest tg3 driver dec version and networking is still problematic. Hi, the commit 3abb04af6 03a46ebde 0b2ded1 mentioned in 54 has netxtteme integrated to my current customized RHEL CentOS -7 for a certain time.

Network Also, looks like it’s a Ubuntu certified hardware, let me ask around. Do you use ? If, when you install the driver disk, you elect to verify the driver disk when prompted, you should check that the checksum presented by the installer is the same as that in the metadata MD5 checksum file included in this download.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 3.122g for Linux (tg3)

Regardless, I will try the work-around solution on a 32bit system pretty soon. Regards, Paulo On Fri, Apr 13, Both single and multicast cloning sessions used. I will check your links soon and return with our results in the next days, hopefully this weekend or next week.


Please try it out. The tg3 driver appears to load correctly as a kernel module. Tigon3 bitmapped debugging message enable value int. In general, this is because a hardware component is present that is supported by the version of the driver that ships as part of XenServer even if another component is present that requires a newer version of the driver.

July 3rd, 5. Problems still arise, but much less frequently. Kai-Heng Feng kaihengfeng wrote on We tested it to download a few gb, an Ubuntu image, play videos for a few hours and the like.