Now go and get one! However, since the engine is enormously deep, almost any sound can be approximated with careful programming. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld’s synthesis engine just like oscillators – an enormous extension to Blofeld’s sonic possibilities! It is based on the HG Fortune sample set 86 samples and provides new patches including cosmic atmos, silky pads, space effects, livly arps, analog leads and more. These can be used to thicken bass and pad sounds or to create percussive, string or flute sounds reminiscent of physical modelling. Notable users Psychotica , Susanne Sundfor. It will take you straight to arpeggiator-heaven, as has already happened to thousands of Waldorf customers.

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What’s more, you have control over the brilliance of these wavetables, which is especially important for waves with lots of harmonics in the glofeld end. On the negative side, there is no velocity switching and it takes several minutes to load a sample set over USB, nor is it possible to glofeld or load just a single sample in a set.

Space Explorer by Dr. All three oscillators have classic analog modeled waveforms, while Osc1 and Osc2 can also act as wavetable generators.

Don’t have an account? Exo Worlds for Blofeld enrich your sonic capabilities and call for your cosmic ambient chill-out sound track compositions. Overall, the filters sound great, from smooth to aggressive, even if they are merely digitally modeled affairs. One important feature of the Blofeld LFOs is that higher rates reach well into the audio frequency range, thus making them useful extra FM sources.


Spectre is also the name of the Waldorf application for sending sound files to the machine, providing the user owns a license. Each filter has a Drive parameter bloreld various different flavors.

You probably know that Waldorf synthesizers are well loved for their sound character, and the Blofeld is certainly no exception. Images from Perfect Circuit Audio and Waldorf. On the other hand, the LED screen is excellent, clear and bright, and the keyboard version has a very nice key-bed with aftertouch plus pitch and mod wheels.

In addition to the analog modeling and wavetable synthesis, there is oscillator syncing, ring modulation and a noise source with controllable color.

Waldorf Blofeld

However, since the engine is enormously deep, almost any sound can be approximated with careful programming. The voice, 16 part multitimbral instrument is marketed as a low-cost unit that can reproduce the sounds from previous Waldorf synthesizers in the Q and Wave lines. And because the Blofeld has two filters that can be routed in series, you can control the timbre of the bkofeld output of Filter 1 by dampening or emphasizing certain frequencies with filter 2.

Each of the three oscillators can be frequency-modulated by any of the other oscillators, the noise generator or one of the LFOs. No, we’re talking big here.

It sports three oscillators per voice and two multi mode filters. Waldorf Blofeld Sound Trip. You can use such custom-made modulation sources in any of the modulation slots described above. This allows fine control over the harmonic content of each of the tone generators. But, for the first skund in the history of Waldorf and PPG, each of these two oscillators can have its own wavetable. Polyphony – 25 voices maximum Poly, Mono, Dual or Unison modes. And let’s blofedl forget that the filter envelope is already routed to filter 1 and 2 cutoff, and the amp envelope is routed to the amp level.


Blofeld : LDX – Monster Pack V.2 – Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop

All sounds on highest level of musical playability, usability and inspiration. It is an audiophile addition to the sound sets “Space Explorer” and Exo Worlds”. This is the essence of Mr.

Patched by Claudio Fusillo for Leadsounds. Originally started as quiz game on one musical forum in which users were required to guess which sounds originated from the Blofeld and which from Juno There are also some completely new sounds with a complexity far beyond the limitations blifeld such archetypes.

Okay, maybe you are more the regular musician who simply wants to perform a binary OR between two modulation sources? Black versions of both models were also released. Analog modelingWavetableFM. Though its outer metal shell remains ridiculously tough and heavyconnectors and knobs seem to be flimsy and prone to damage.

They offer resonance hlofeld to self-oscillation as well as frequency modulation filter FM.