What do you mean exactly when you say: Oh, while you’re at it, try to use a mic and control it with BCD The jog wheel size isn’t an issue at all. Hi Raymond or anyone who might know Thanks for you input into this topic Raymond, however I am also stumped as to the best driver to use for my BCD on Win10 I have googled alot. Just plugged it right in and started. Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 1:

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Hello, if have downloaded the drivers 1. Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 1: It is small light weight and can do just about everything you want it to do. I don’t even know howmany emails I have sent them but I can tell you that I havenot had one reply back.

There are other parts of DJ-Software wich have no problem supporting this? Oh, while you’re at it, try to use a mic and control it with BCD Don’t scrap this hardware! This may just be a software or setting problem however. Its made completely wrong, and has asio mic at the line in!!

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Once I behrinher myself with where all of the knobs and sliders were, and what they all did, then everything became very intuitive. Muchos tuvimos que actualizar casi obligados. I’ve read that the Windows 8 drivers work for Windows 10 new PC and now i can’t find them anymore besides some shady websites i don’t trust. Does Mic Work – Page: The thing that I am mostupset about is the support department.


No Longer Available Update Location close. I had to disable my wireless card, and my dvd drive in order to get things working smoothly. Seems it got deleted It still is a good product for us people that want to mix some tunes as a third hobby! You may be able to try doing a Windows 8. I think new users should be aware to be a little carefull with things like “it will work” or “works in WDM mode”. Assignable Controls Four user-assignable controls and buttons are available for an integrated FX section.

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I have buyed a newest pc whit a preinstalled Windows 10 Anniversay Edition! That being said, this is now a legacy product and using this product will require Windows 7 or earlier operating system for our bvd300 to be applicable as there’s no way for us to implement a fix or workaround in this regard.

Maybe you should too, rather than being upset with the moderators. I don’t even know where to bvd300. It’s a little difficult as a beginner at first to set-up. If support tells him something will work, it will work. Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 2: Peace Posted Sun 10 Jun 07 3: I am one of the guys that is waiting behringwr bcd T Posted Sat 09 Jun 07 6: But for all what i read during the last year concerning VDJ’s compatibility to the BCD2K i think time will proof me right with what i said.


Driver Install Win The Traktor LE software is very simple, clean, and intuitive; plus it integrates with iTunes playlists which was a simple and cool feature. I purchased the bcd when it came out. Sky is very knowledgable and he is doing a super job considering what is being asked of him.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for some of you, but they are saying there is nothing that can be done from our end to make this happen, it’s simply just not possible.