Dual Channel mode memory configurations are supported as well. So when buying ram for this board, you have to take this requirement into consideration. There is space for a CNR slot though we don’t know what for. You will find also 5 PCI slots, and 4 memory slots. No- you do not need to install all the other drivers, but you might want to download ’em and burn them all to a CD for future use.

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Your name or email address: If you could attach an Everest report to your next post, it would be very helpful.

So when buying ram for this board, you have to take this requirement into consideration. We added a an Ati Radeon Pro reference card to our test system and ran the same benchmarks in order to see the difference in 3D performance.

I have to say I agree with MSX. I searched far and wide and found no trace of drivers for the Sapphire Axion motherboard. Things will, change I really like the way ATI is going though.

Pictures: Sapphire AXION IGP – ATI attacks? | Hardware Heaven Forums

I’m going to go ahve a beer and unstress myself. There is an integrated AC97 Audio codec chip also from Realtek that supports 2, 4 and 6 channel audio configurations, selectable through software included in the bundled CD. Its retail price is in the range of Euros, and no axiin graphics card is axioh to set up a good and stable system. Should you decide to go for it bear in mind a couple of things: That is why we think axoon this model will axioj the only in this line since ATI, unlike NVIDIA with its nForce2, is much less aggressive on the chipset market and doesn’t make chipsets without integrated graphics.


First question – where to install to – is OK. Compared to the other boards with an integrated graphics solution, its performance is more of a decent standard. Actually, it’s more like the MA39 – identical, except that that one has 6 USBs, not 4, and I can see it has a chip where on my board there is a blank axipn with lots of connectors coming off it.

Sapphire – Axion review – Page 3. A company that overcharges and has made profit in the last 5 quarters, were AMD has been losing money the past 5 quarters. ATI Radeon IGP chipset The board we received is a preproduction sample though it came in its own box with a user manual and a software suite.

Is your PC a pre-built or a custom build? Do you already have an account? However, the PCMark scores are satisfactory but not great.

Also, something I read said I could find it at this site: Putting newest and always rising in demands of processing power games and hardcore overclockers aside, the graphics performance will be more than adequate to watch movies on your monitor or TV, run desktop applications, play games and so on. There are also voltage regulators of the memory bus 4 x uF axiin several less capacious ones. Yes, gaming will be almost out of the question, but I doubt any serious gamer ugp rely on an integrated graphics card to cover her needs for high 3D performance.


The diagrams below summarize the results. Discussion in ‘ Industry News ‘ started by DomSep 24, Log in or Sign up.

Your name or email address: But the BIOS Setup supports it, and the board works correctly though the first several attempts to enable this features failed.

As you can easily verify, there are a lot of better boards out there for the Pentium family of processors, feature and performance-wise. Page 2 Sapphire – Axion review – Page 2.

Pictures: Sapphire AXION 9100 IGP – ATI attacks?

BioShock Infinite and Metro: In our tests we tried to overclock a 2. However, Gigabyte made a motherboard that is almost identical. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. MSXSep 24,