The instrument illustrated in Fig. One of these plugs goes into the tuhe socket and is connected with the distribution circuit of the set. Then we examine the cable which leads from the receiver to our table. Cathode potential, VI, 3 to 6; V2, 4. Usually, the blue glow of ionized gas at the plate does not change appreciably with changes in the signal volume as does the fluorescence on the glass envelope due to X-rays. At the left, the bar is closad; at the right, the bar is open.

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Audiola ic 157 4g driver

The choke CHS should have a minimum value of 20 henries. They cancel one program and put audiolz another. Cusick which appeared in the August issue of Radio- Craft. Also catalog of other i servicing instruments. This trouble was caused by an open third R. Consequently, I decided to take the set back to the shop, dry out the R.

The principle used here is identical. Such a phenomenon can produce a most exasperating sound, for the guilty object is oftentimes exceedingly difficult to locate. Brennan T HIS is the third of a series of short, simple articles, regularly appearing here.


For the benefit of Service Men, we circularized all domestic radio manufacturers known to be in business, asking them simply for the I. This point will be further discussed. The Power Amplifier and Modulator The is a three electrode, low-mu, 59 —1 1 A power-output tube. Those questions which are found to represent the greatest general interest will be published here, to the extent that space permits. Note that while making adjustments on the chassis the service oscillator signal should not be permitted to overload the tubes, as this will result in incorrect settings.

However, the real job will incorporate one of the modern R.

The apparatus may now be assembled and wired. Only one filter choke is needed. At least seven or eight separate measurements are made for each angle. The spacing between the coils is not critical at all. We find— that by pressing buttons No. The instrument illustrated in Fig. They would soon learn to do this one thing well.

Because of absolute necessity, this set includes these features. Connect all points having the same number together. The cross belt may be a length of heavy window shade cord ‘treated with belt compound ; a small spiral spring connects the ends. Usually, the blue glow of ionized gas at the plate does not change appreciably with changes in the signal volume as does the fluorescence on the glass envelope due to X-rays.


The simplicity is evident.

Drivers Agent: Audiola Ic 4G Driver

This angle must be measured and will be the horizontal distribution angle. It is bound to save time and money for everyone. Also used in -! Each secondary consists audlola T. Radio sets need power in order to operate. Tubing, sliding over these rods, audioka be a loose fit and not bind.

Of course, any lead-in wiring inside the building picks up noise, and therefore should be kept down to a minimum length.

When the condenser is rotating from the minimum to maximum it is very slow, or vernier, in action. Before coil 12 is mounted, it must be altered in order to serve as an oscillator. The sprocket wheel and chain drive may be eliminated and the motor coupled directly xudiola either shaft.