Does your device require a newer version of the driver or something? Page History Login to edit. See full activity log. To post a comment you must log in. Add tags Tag help. This will get you into the desktop directory.

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WifiDocs/Device/LinksysWUSB11 – Community Help Wiki

Prior to plugging it in, do the following: The patch to the USB core system is only needed in the sourceforge driver. This will create a copy of the “CVS” folder into the desktop, folder which is named “at76ca”.

Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on This page is incomplete and maybe inaccurate; it is a compilation atmmel information found on threads on the Ubuntu forum. Add tags Tag help.

This will extract the files within the compressed file you downloaded into a new folder on your desktop, named “at76ca”. Note the backticks surrounding uname -r. This should just about make it. You should now see the device listed, along with its version and hardware chipset Run iwconfig to see your wireless config; you should see a new wireless device.


Put some music to avoid rage or despair in the case things don’t go as planned: See full activity log.

Just plug it in, hit the network icon and start looking for your network. If all alternatives are exhausted, and you got nothing to lose, you may try this It is easier if you modify it manually in the. Does internet work now? These are a very common USB devices for wireless connection, at7c6503a they has no lniux support in the Linux kernel.

Which chipset does it have? To post a comment you must log in. If you have already updated it, a message saying “you have the newest version” will appear: The support can be obtained with one of these two drivers: Page History Login to edit.

Actually the USB chips are not supported by the in-kernel atmel driver. Lionel Dricot ploum wrote on Partners Support Community Ubuntu. If you don’t know your username, right click the downloaded file, go to properties and check the location of the file. It is not yet fully supported in the installer, but it is known to work for at least oinux devices.


Mind you, I’m talking about Ubuntu 9. The Berlio’s one doesn’t need it, and seems to work better.

The “official” driver from Atmel. This, as it took me some time to ascertain way low Linux IQ here, guysrenames the folder you just created as “CVS”. Needs Expansion This article is incomplete, and needs to be expanded.

New instructions

This will get you into the new folder. Wait till it’s over. This will get you into the desktop directory.