The included drivers support two-finger scrolling for horizontal and vertical movement, but nothing else. Eyes and hands immediately appreciate Asus’ craftsmanship: The case is definitely heavy but also quite stiff. The actual run time depends greatly on the application at hand; using the Geforce GPU will ensure that the battery life will not last more than 4 hours. Viewers looking on from above could only recognize the outlines of what was on screen. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. In order to distance themselves from the competition, many manufacturers place value on premium matte metal surfaces.

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In this situation the fan is clearly removing waste heat from the chassis but it does so in a consistent way. Different from earlier hybrid-GPU solutions, the Optimus technology does not switch back and forth continuously between the two graphics units, which always led to a change in frame buffer and interruption of azus VGA-output signal.

When typing, we had the feeling that we were using a premium keyboard. Users looking to upgrade some components u30hc like that there are still two access panels on the bottom.

These LEDs are not located within the normal viewing positionrequiring us to turn and look under the notebook to check hard drive or WLAN activity.

It is the hard drive and the weak graphics that the PCMark Vantage is rating as low. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country. Understatement is in fashion.


Another surprising quality is the very strong screen hinges, which have no wiggle and actually show a good deal of resistance. There is, in fact, a hardware buttonwhich serves to activate both wireless modules.

Hence, we do not count the device in the sub-notebook category. Asus has reached for the brushed aluminum here. And at less than 30mm thick and 2kg in weight, this tantalizing machine goes wherever you go.

Use under direct sunlight is possible, though in situations of strong sunlight a shady area should be sought out.

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Horizontal viewing angles are better, but still show signs of mild color inversion networj 45 degrees. System Noise With respect to noise, the system shows itself in a positive light. The memory is clocked at MHz and the chip was finished with a 40mm process, different from the M. The action is soft and the feedback is spongy. We cannot heap too much praise on the Nvidia Optimus system, as the technology was only tested with simple applications that did not stress the GPU to a great extent.

Looks incredible The new U30Jc cuts an impressive stance of style and compact finesse, with its light aluminum alloy construction, Chiclet keyboard and oversized palm rests. Headphones are highly recommended for this notebook. Asus homepage Asus notebook section.

Applications may also make use of up to four cores Hyper-Threading. The Altec-Lansing name on them doesn’t hold much water. The system was completely usable in every instance; multiple programs running simultaneously did not stress the U30JC auss one bit.


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The AC adapter is good for up to 90 Watts of performance. These differences were also clear in the individual sub-scores, though unexplainable was the 1, point rise in the HDD score 2, to 3, Almost identically good battery life. The bottom of the notebook has one soft spot, where a panel has some mild flex, but besides that there is very little flex anywhere on the notebook.

The palm rest remains cool at u3jc times and the cooling fan stays quiet. It is located awkwardly and almost invisible on ndtwork front left side. The palm rest feels cool to the touch, even when the device has already ran for several hours without much stress.

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Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. In the case of the U30hc HDD, it has a slow, below-average cache. Is Optimus alone responsible for the excellent battery life? A measurably higher contrast would have been easier on the eyes, though the result is something that can be coped with. A special feature of the Core i5-CPU: