When it comes to Windows98SE, best way to make it work is like this: Speaking of other upgrades One with DOS 6. These natively supported the MHz bus and ran it perfectly fine. May 16, It required removing the cpu’s plastic shell and mounting this jumper device on to the top of the chip. That’s a tough one.

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Unfortunately, the current design of the ALi Aladdin V Chipset only allows for the first MB of RAM to be cached, meaning anything above that would end up slowing assu down more than it could possible speed you up. It did fully support The board itself was designed to make efficient use of the electrolytic capacitors that did make it into the design, as they surround the key components of the PCB such as the Socket-7 interface and the DIMM slots.

A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done.

Usb Ports On Asus P5a Motherboard

No foreign drivers were present in the test system other than those required for the system to function to the best of its ability. Oh, the 80s were a harsh time for the wallet when it came to computer parts. Although as a kid I can remember using systems running Windows XP won’t even repair with it plugged in. It is only USB 1.


Super 7 was a dying breed by with the introduction of the K7 Athlon, but the P5A sold very well throughout its entire lifespan. These natively supported the MHz bus and ran it usv fine.

Particularly the ALI chipset drivers. Otherwise your run of the mill PC motherboard had 5v slots.

No USB with Asus P5A motherboard??

With a K, they run XP just fine. Asus still shipped a lot of them, so I guess that made up for the more limited selection. Around asuw time of this board we saw the first PCI based modems May 17, The second card has a NEC chipset.

All tests were conducted at x x bit color. One of the big shifts of the time is when Intel abandoned Socket 7 and forged ahead with Slot 1. It’s a long shot but you may be experiencing IRQ problems. It had wires hanging all over it and looked like a science experiment, but man o man was it saus to see my mhz Athlon running at !! Interestingly enough, it does feature a ESS based audio codec.


The initial setup of the P5A wasn’t a problem at all, generally speaking, the jumper setup on Aladdin V boards is usually much less complex than that on MVP3 based boards simply because of the differences in features. April 10th, Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. One with DOS 6. It runs Debian command line very well.

I have tried the PCI card in multiple slots, with the same behavior in each. There is no way to predict, but be aware of the fact that ASUS has done a tremendous job with their xsus released Super7 line of motherboards. It uses ULi branded chips for both interfaces.

Rare for those days! I am waiting for the usg pin card to test the on-board USB. I have tried both enabling and disabling onboard USB. Test Configuration Processor s: